Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Robt. Burns Cigar Box

This is a prop I made for a show called "The Storm" It took a while, but I thoroughly enjoyed all the detailed work. Here's how I did it: 

I began by researching different designs for the cigar box. I settled on an earlier design as the brand “Robt. Burns” was clearly displayed on the front and easy for audiences to read.

I then began to take measurements for the box. I decided to make mine a little smaller than the original so it would fit between other props on set. I drew a blueprint and then cut out the design using 6mm plywood.

After Cutting I assembled the box using a combination of wood glue and super glue for optimal strength. For the lid I used gaffer tape so it could be opened and closed easily.

I then covered the inside of the box with canvas to give the box a luxurious feel.

For the outside of the box I needed the signature “Robt Burns” tape to decorate the sides of the box. For this I found an image of the tape and using Photoshop cut out a section of the tape from the image and then patched it together to create a line of tape. I then printed this out on canvas paper and lined the box with the tape.

I then needed to create the label for the inside of the lid. Unfortunately all the pictures of the labels I found appeared too pixelated when printed to a larger scale. To Remedy this I used photoshop to create the text that I needed for the label and patched together various images to create my replica version of the label.

Creating Text:

Adding Text to Picture of Robt. Burns:

Creating Circular emblem..

Finished Label:

After gluing the label to the inside of the lid I then began work on the top of the box.

As shown earlier I wanted this design for the top:

To achieve this effect I used some fablon vinyl that I had leftover from another project. I used oak and pine for the two shades of wood needed. I cut the pieces individually so they wouldn't sit on top of each other.   

The next step was to add the golden Robt. Burns writing. For this I printed out the logo and traced the letters onto the box using carbon paper.

I then painted over the outline with golden paint.

The last step was to apply the golden edging around the lid. I used some chain link line stickers for this effect.

And it's done! Here are some extra pictures:


Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Wishing Tree

My First Project! I began by searching the net for some inspiration, the tree needed to come apart easily so it could be transported. I decided I would use ply as it is strong and fairly light weight. I used 4 sheets of 9mm Ply. I then cut out two pieces for the trunk, I cut the first sheet with a slit taken out of the top and the second sheet had a slit taken from the bottom so the two pieces would slide and lock together. For the branches I used a similar method.
 I then used white matte paint to cover the whole tree. I then decorated the tree with blue lights.

The Beginning

My first post, October 19th 2014. Today I am starting out on a great expedition, from this day on wards I will map my progress. This blog will be dedicated to documenting the life of a prop maker (will be prop maker). Each project I complete I will document here, writing on the skills I learnt and the errors I made. Right Now right here I am at the very beginning of my education, every post I make, every project I complete will take me a step further to where I want to go.