Sunday, 19 July 2015

80s Food Stuffs!

I've had an absolutely incredible time making props for a show called Shirley Valentine. The show is set in the 80s so I used Photoshop to re-create all the old labels. Most of the image references I could find were of a terrible quality so I had to start from scratch with most of them.

Sugar label and product:   (click to enlarge)

Cornflakes label and product:

Fairy Liquid Label and product:

Mother's Pride label and product:

Walkers Crisps label (forgot to take picture of product!)

Blue Nun Labels and Product

Sun tan lotion label and product:

PGtips Label and product:

Tin labels and products:

Vogue Magazine Cover:

Plane ticket:

Smash tin and label:

Crisp 'n Dry label and product:

 BUN Vanilla Ice cream label and product: