Sunday, 15 February 2015

Puppet Headphones

For the headphones I began by making the cushions that cover the ears. For this I used some old jean fabric and sewed two circles, leaving a gap for the stuffing.
I turned the two "cushions" right-side out and stuffed. I closed the stiffing opening with a whipstitch.
For the main part of the headphones I used two paint lids (one smaller than the other) I then spray painted them gold and silver. I hot glued the larger one onto the ear cushion and then the smaller silver one on top. I used polystyrene underneath to give a larger gluing surface.

For the head bracket I used three copper wires and bent them to the shape of the puppets head, I then spray painted them silver. I sewed a tube for the head cushion form jean material and slid it to the centre of the wires. I stuffed this with poly fiberfill and sewed the ends.
I attached the headphone heads to the head bracket with another brass wire and some hot glue. 

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