Friday, 12 June 2015

Romeo and Juliet Deathbed Flowers

I made these flowers for a production of Romeo and Juliet, they were needed to decorate the balcony.

I stated by making the petals for
the flowers, I used tissue paper
and twisted it around a golf ball.
Hold the tissue paper around the 
golf ball with one hand then twist 
the ends until they are tight.

The tissue paper should cover about
half of the golf ball. Once I had twisted
both ends, I superglued one end so it
wouldn't unravel, then cut the excess
tissue paper off.

I then attached 5 petals to the stem.
I made the stem by folding a strip of
card in half, then cutting along the folded
side. I rolled the strip up and glued
the petals with superglue.

I had to make a lot of petals! 

Finished flowers!

After making all the flowers, I needed to
create a vine for them all to attach to. 
I used gardening wire, strengthened
with armature wires and a layer of
green electrical tape on top.
I attached the flowers by wrapping wire
around the ends of the tissue paper
then wrapping the wire around the vine.
I covered this in electrical tape also.

The Finished Balcony Flowers!

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