Monday, 23 November 2015

Pepakura Skull Mask

This is a mask I made using Pepakura. I have found that the best way to lean how to do something is by picking a project that involves that particular skill you want to learn. I had never used Pepakura before, but was really keen on learning how to use it. I found this Pep file and jumped straight in. 

The lines you see along the skull are from the paper joins, I was planning on covering them over, but decided I really liked them.

As this was my first Pep project It took me a while to get into the swing of things, however after I came to terms with the concept I got into a rhythm and spent many a happy hour listening to my favorite tunes and constructing the mask.

After I had finished constructing the mask I gave it a couple of layers of paper mache. I painted the whole mask an ivory color then lightly brushed on some watery black paint and then rubbed most of it off to create a weathered/dirty look. I covered the eye and nose holes with black fabric, creating the effect of black empty pits, but still allowing the performer to see.

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