Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Prop Solve: Free Commisons

My name is Evie Bee and I run The Props Solve!

I can make anything from robots to creature suits to detailed scale models! Please take a look at my portfolio here:


I am currently taking a gap year before I go on to study a BA in Model Design and effects and during this time I want to make as many props as possible! I am now offering free commissions to anyone and everyone, if you have a prop or costume that you so desperately want, I am here to make it for you! I will charge no fee for my time, all I ask is that you pay for the cost of materials. I will provide full working drawings, a build plan and a comprehensive list of all the materials I’ll use to make your item and their cost before you commit to anything.
If you have an idea/prop/costume/model that you would like to discuss with me then please get in touch!


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  1. That's awesome; do you do convention safe weapon props? I'm looking to commission someone to make Xerxes Break's cane sword from Pandora Hearts