Thursday, 14 January 2016

Macbeth's Crown

This is a crown I made for a production of Macbeth. I started out by designing my crown template in photoshop, through research I found that  flor de lis were a very popular royal decoration for the Scottish and English royals during the time when Macbeth is set. I also found that the velvet red cap that is used on the current crown jewels of Scotland was not used until 1540. 

I then cut out my design and transfered it to foamed pvc, I then cut it out using a scalpel. I then sanded,the whole thing, working my way down form
150 to 300 grit sandpaper.

I wanted the crown to have a hammered metal look, so I used the rounded end of a pencil to hammer
in some pock marks. I painted the crown with a base coat of yellow acrylic paint then went over this with 4 coats of gold paint. I then used techniques such as dry brushing and thin washes to create the weathered look.  

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