Saturday, 16 April 2016

Busy Busy Busy!

Hello Guys! I have been very busy recently working on one of the biggest projects I've ever attempted! It involves lots of different techniques including foam fabrication, sculpting, molding, casting, patterning and painting, an extensive write up of the process is coming very soon! I've also been busy making props for college productions and making props for interactive storytelling sessions. Here are some pictures of some of the things I've been making!

Here are the props (and storyteller) in action! The story was Zog by Julia Donaldson, the characters were cut out in Photoshop (using the pen tool), printed out and stuck on to foam board. I also made lots of props which had smell/touch/musical elements that were passed around the audience, unfortunately I do not have any pictures of these :(

 Here is a close up of the tower, it is constructed from cardboard and card, The damsel in distress was taken from the book and cut out in Photoshop then printed on card. I used masking tape to cover the tower, then painted it with grey acrylic paint. I used a kitchen sponge with light grey paint for the bricks.

Here are some progress pictures of the tower :)

 This is a wheel I made for a college production. I had to make do with the materials that we had on hand as the budget was very tight. I used balustrades for the cross section, then cut out two MDF disks for the wheel. I used wedges to strengthen the structure, then used mount board to fill in the gaps.

This is a table I made for the same production,.I began by creating a technical drawing of the table. Once the design had been approved by the director I began construction. I used plywood for the top and used timber which we had in stock to construct the frame.

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